Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Fast Food

I've always enjoyed fast food. The convenience, the general flavor, the company while eating have always been things I enjoyed. Whenever I go to one of my hometowns, my old friends and I usually meet at Hardee's or Arby's to enjoy good conversation and a burger the size of my head.

I have been reading a few books that have been relatively eye opening. After several attempts to get through it, I finally finished Ishmael, a story about a conversation between a gorilla and a man looking for a teacher. They discuss our culture is not one that is compatible with the rest of the world, which includes how overpopulation and using the world like we own it is destructive. It's slightly more hopeful than I am making it seem, but it is a book I think everyone should read. The second book I recently finished is Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food. You guessed it: it's about a lot of questionable things the fast food industry has done to potato farmers, cattle ranchers, and chicken farmers, not to mention health concerns and equally questionable business ethics.

Because of my reading and some self inspection, I have decided to go mostly vegetarian, especially when dealing with fast food restaurants. I have discovered this is easier than I thought, but it made me much more picky on where I'm willing to eat. I found out today that the Veggie Delight sub from Subway is quite delicious. The flavor combination of all the vegetables makes a tasty and enjoyable sandwich, which makes me reconsider my quest for the world's greatest sandwich. At first, I started my sandwiches with salami or turkey (or both), but now I'm atwitter which excitement.

Occasionally, I will post about my struggle or triumphs regarding my anti-fast food diet.

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